Review: Crazy Sweet

November 20, 2006

Crazy Sweet CoverCrazy Sweet
By Tara Janzen

Grade: B+

The Synopsis:
In this new sexy and action-intense book from Tara Janzen, Gillian Pentycote returns as the heroine, after losing her memory in the previous book (Crazy Love.) Using the new moniker “Red Dog,” she is now a highly skilled Department of Defense-trained operative, on a mission to take-out the man who tortured her into losing her memory in the first place. The secondary couple spends the book in a battered hotel room in Panama during a riot, but still manages to fit a hot and steamy sex scene in between bombings.

The Review:
Tara Janzen is one of my favorite authors. She writes from the view of my ideal, and probably nonexistent, man. Her male characters are highly-skilled covert agents, equipped with muscle cars and guns. I find that her research into these more “male” areas makes her books unique, and adds a lot of spice. This book is an enjoyable read, as are the previous ones in the series; however I did find a couple of disappointing aspects. First, this is the sixth book in the “Crazy” series, and they all follow a very similar, predictable plot line. Despite her interesting writing style, a variation on the plot of tough-guy-melts-for-ordinary girl would be welcomed. Second, the secondary story in each book is always my favorite part. This always leaves me disappointed by the primary plot line, although it is a good tactic to get readers to run out and buy the next one, because the secondary couple is always the primary couple in the following book. I will most likely read the next book in the series, and I recommend this book and the previous ones as a fun and engaging read.


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