Review: Monkey Business

November 22, 2006

Monkey Business CoverMonkey Business
By Sarah Mlynowski

Grade: C

The Synopsis:
This book follows four MBA students living in the dorms. Kimmy applies her class lectures to developing a strategy to make Russ her boyfriend. Russ does not like to make hard decisions, and now that he is far from his girlfriend in Canada, he is losing all direction. Layla, the perfectionist, is obsessed with finding the perfect husband to go with her life. Jamie is the goofy one; he lifts everyone’s’ spirits, while keeping his own problems hidden.

The Review:
This book was a nice distraction, but definitely not one of my favorites. The MBA students, despite many of them having a few years of work experience since finishing their undergraduate degrees, behave with less maturity than most students I know in college now. The author obviously knows something of getting an MBA, but she uses the same knowledge over and over, making me think she just got a brief overview from someone. For example, when talking about their interviews for summer jobs, it seems that all of the students only get asked one question. My recommendation for this book is to go ahead and read it if you need something to do, but it is not good engaging enough to pull you in if you have other activities available.


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