Review: Must Love Dogs

November 25, 2006

Must Love Dogs CoverMust Love Dogs
By Claire Cook

Grade: C

The Synopsis:
Sarah Hurlihy, a divorcee, finds herself pushed back into the dating world when her sister posts a personal ad for her. She meets a few men, and a few dogs, but none of them seem to stick.

The Review:
I might have given this book a better grade, but I found it somewhat boring. This could potentially be because I saw the movie first, so I already knew the general story, but part of it was just the lack of action in the plot. Sarah meets some men, they turns out to be not right, she meets some more, finds new issues. However, after seeming to close the story on the first men, they suddenly appear back in her life later in the book. We’ve already met those characters and figured out that they are not going to be the one for her, so why must we go through it again? In the end, the book is pretty anticlimactic, and a little bit awkward. When I think back, the best thing that pops into my head about this book is how the author dealt with her life outside of romantic prospects. Sarah is a kindergarten teacher, and clearly confident about her ability and good at her job. This is actually logical about the fact that a divorced woman in her 40’s might not be good at new relationships, but she does have other parts of her life figured out. There were other good points, but this one stuck in my head.


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