Review: Mr. Maybe

November 27, 2006

Mr Maybe CoverMr. Maybe
by Jane Green

Grade: B+

The Synopsis: Libby Mason’s ideal husband comes with a fashionable address and the money for her to decorate it just the way she wants. Libby is passing time with a fling, Nick, when she meets Ed, a wealthy bachelor. Libby has to decide if her dream man is really who she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

The Review: I love Jane Green’s topics and writing style. This book managed to even make me think a little, about whether the ideal man I keep in my head would be someone I’d really like if I met him.
My criticism about this book is that it is too predicatable. You see her decision, and you know which character you are supposed to be rooting for. I love Nick, he’s a great guy, and my other criticism of the book is that he just disappears for a large chunk of it. When he is not in Libby’s every day life, he hardly gets mentioned. This book is definitely based strongly in Libby’s head–we don’t get to see anything of what goes on in Nick’s life or head when Libby is not on the scene.
If you have enjoyed any of Jane Green’s other novels, or have not read any of her books yet, I strongly recommend this one, and think that it is one of her best! (Also, I love the cover, although it was awkward to carry around to classes!)


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