Review: Everyone Worth Knowing

November 29, 2006

Everyone Worth Knowing CoverEveryone Worth Knowing
by Lauren Weisberger

Grade: C-

The Synopsis: Bette Robinson quits her job at a New York banking firm after a particularly frustrating clash with her boss. Through a connection, she snags a job with a PR, event planning sort of firm. She finds herself having to fit in at wild parties with glamorous people.

The Review: The lucky main character, Bette, must having amazing connections to net herself two such highly sought after jobs in NYC, with absolutely no experience for the second. The romance angle in this book is a bit odd, and not particularly exciting. One celebrity pretends that she is his girlfriend to cover up for not having a real girlfriend, while the other love prospect just drifts in and out of her life, and you don’t get to know either of them particularly well.
I’m a big fan of getting inside other characters’ heads, or at least getting to know the main male character so that you can cheer him on. The guy in this book is pretty cool, but you only get to know him in a couple of scenes.
The majority of the people Better spends time with are through work, and they’re pretty shallow. No exciting dialogue to read there, so that was disappointing.
A good point was that both male characters had interesting backgrounds, instead of being a cookie cutter chick lit heo. The text itself is on the long side, so it’s a good time filler. There are enough interesting bits to get you through it if you’re just looking for something to feed your eyes with.


5 Responses to “Review: Everyone Worth Knowing”

  1. sulz Says:

    i read this and i was disappointed, naturally, since i hated the devil wears prada anyway. i’m just a sucker for nice book covers. the plot was like a hash-up of her debut novel. totally unoriginal.

  2. paperbacks Says:

    I actually never read The Devil Wears Prada. My mother read it and said it was awful, so I just avoided it. When I picked up this book in the shop, I didn’t read the cover closely and see it was by the same author… but it looked cool…

  3. sulz Says:

    lucky you listened to your mom! i must say however the movie was better – i loved it and i’m going to get a copy of it myself. watch it if you haven’t already, it’s a visual orgasm of fashion.

  4. sabrinafair2 Says:

    Sounds a lot like “Ugly Betty” (even go so far as the name!)…really people should get some original ideas.

  5. Ivy Says:

    It held my attention but part of it were noticably far-fetched. And I was really getting impatient for her and phillip to get it on. I was nervous for her that phillip was going to dump her and ruin her because of how rude she was to him, somebody in a position of power to her.. it was unclear why he liked her when she herself felt like she had been unattractive and uncharming around him. Bette was contradictory could have used some more distinguishable flaws to make her more relatable..

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