Review: The Great Indoors

December 3, 2006

The Great Indoors CoverThe Great Indoors
by Sabine Durrant

Grade: B+

The Synopsis: Martha Bone visits her past in memories, and reality. This is a story about death, family and relationships.

The Review: This book is quiet, and filled with more description than plot at times. I felt a bit like I should be curled up on a couch in a sunny room to read this. The book may feel slow moving, and is not a good choice for anyone looking for an exciting, fast-paced read. If that’s what you want, try Crazy Sweet, by Tara Janzen.
Despite this, I found this novel to be interesting and somewhat thought provoking. It definitely does have a story line, and things do happen to move it along. It just moves along in a calm sort of way. At first I hesitated to define this book as chick lit, but it does have the requisite woman-in-her-30’s, relationship muddles, and frustrations with family.
The book begins with the death of a family member, and you really get to see into each character through their reaction to this loss. Getting to know the secondary characters is one of my favorite parts of reading books, and the ones in this book are definitely fascinating, and have their own little subplots. They become people that you care about and wonder about, not shallow characters that are easy to forget when they leave the page.
A nice read, highly recommended if you’re not looking for excitement. Good for a quiet weekend or a break in a busy day. (I also like the cover!)


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