Review: Being Committed

December 6, 2006

Beging Committed CoverBeing Committed
by Anna Maxted

Grade: C+

The Synopsis: Hannah Lovekin, detective, has to do a little detective work in her own life if she’s ever going to have a proper relationship.

The Review: It took me a few days to get into this book. It was so stereotypical, cliché job, cliché character, cliché psychology. I hated the main character for the first 150 pages. It took me a few days to sit down and read this properly, but once I hit page 150 today, I read straight through to the end–page 372. I was planning on giving the book a D grade before I hit that magical turning point; when I finished, I wanted to give it a B grade, but the grade has to reflect how uninteresting the beginning was. (Also, I think the cover is hideous, but I just have a strange aversion to green. There are other, more attractive, covers for this book out there.)
Hannah Lovekin is introduced as a detective (a traditional chick lit career), who has issues with intimacy related to problems with her mother. When her boyfriend proposes to her, she rejects him, decides she has made a mistake, and tries to get him back. He sets her on the path of digging up her past and resolving her issues before he will get back with her. Hannah sets off to reinvent herself, but finally she does end up uncovering her past–this is where the good bit starts!
A good read, you just need to push past the unoriginal beginning. After that, the characters have more depth, you begin to understand Hannah better, and as she grows a bit, you begin to like her. The ending was sweet (maybe too sweet? but I liked it). This book was published quite awhile ago, so you can potentially find it in your local library. Happy reading!


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