Review: Her Sexiest Mistake

December 12, 2006

Her Sexiest Mistake CoverHer Sexiest Mistake
by Jill Shavlis

Grade: B

The Synopsis: Mia Appleby has the perfect life. That is, until her niece comes for a surprise visit, and a sexy neighbor moves into the house down the street.

The Review: This book does not have a new plot line. From the neighbor, Kevin, who shows her that she really was lonely before he came along, to the troubled niece just looking for someone to care about her while she makes their life a living hell, this is something I’ve read many times before.

The only new thing that Shalvis brings to the plot is Kevin’s brother, a committment-phobic deaf man. Of course, he also finds true love (in Mia’s best friend of all places) and learns to stand on his own two feet instead of leaning on his brother. The only problem with this is that half the book is printed in italics to indicate sign language. I have nothing against sign language, but it is very hard to tell who can understand when they are talking. Both Kevin and Mike are fluent, obviously, and I think the girlfriend, Tess, is by the end too, though it’s hard to tell. Even Mia’s neice can translate when needed, because Mia is the one who never learns. How everyone becomes perfect signers by the end of the book is a mystery to me, but hey, if that’s how it works.

The book ends a little quickly, from eveyone angry and broken up to suddenly happily ever after. Though you could do better than a Jill Shalvis, you could also do much worse. For a night of pure fun and little thinking, this will do the trick.


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