Review: I’m In No Mood For Love

December 17, 2006

I'm In No Mood For Love CoverI’m In No Mood For Love
by Rachel Gibson

Grade: C-

Synopsis: Clare Wingate walked in on her fiance and the washing machine repairman. So she deserves to go wild. The problem is who she wakes up next to in the morning: Sebastian Vaughan, a sexy blast from her past. And he’s not going away again.

The Review: Now I picked this up at the drugstore after my last final and I just wanted to read something that was as non-academic as possible. And this pretty much met my criteria. Except it wasn’t very good.

I’m not saying that there aren’t worse books out there. It’s more that there are better writers, fewer typos (which drive me crazy) and better plot-lines out there. I think this book could have been okay if someone else, who knew more of what they wanted it to accomplish, wrote it.

It was inconsistant. Half the book is Sebastian (and the names are a little out there, since the woman is Claresta) struggling with his desire for Clare, thinking he can’t have her. His father works for her mother, so it’s almost like the bosses daughter. But all of a sudden, that no longer seems to be an issue. And it never is an issue for the father, the mother or Clare.

There are subplots that are never really finished. Sebastian’s mother died, and he talks forever about selling her estate, and I’m sure he does. I just don’t know anything about it. Clare’s friends talk about their men, though none are actually characters in the story. And there is some illusion to them meeting people, but nothing (and those would have been good subplots for this, it needed other relationships badly).

Overall, if you find yourself shopping for books in the supermarket or drugstore, it’s fine. But otherwise, don’t waste your night on this.


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