Review: Fat Chance

December 20, 2006

Fat Chance
by Deborah Blumenthal

Grade: B+

The Synopsis: Maggie O’Leary is a successful columnist. Overweight herself, she writes an advice column for other overweight women to help them accept and love themselves. However, Maggie gets an opportunity to meet her favorite movie star, spurring her to try one last diet.

The Review: I loved this book. The story is meaningful and fairly original. The character is loveable. You even get to read some of Maggie’s advice clumns, which seem pretty well-researched on Blumenthal’s part.
The only problem is quite a bit is discontinuity. Blumenthal suddent adds a sidestory in the middle about Maggie’s assistant, who we previously know little about. Despite this, you quickly become attached to the secretary and care about her story too. The other point of discontinuity is that while Maggie is in California, a day seems to pass in her plot line, but when she speaks to her coworkers back in New York, it seems as if days have passed for them. An example of this, to make myself clearer, is that one day Maggie decides to send a gift to her secretary, and the next night when she is talking on the phone to her, the secretary has received the gift and used it over the course of several days. I think Blumenthal meant for us to feel as if days were passing in Maggie’s time too, but she would have the characters say they’d do something the next day, and so the day they did it, you’d know it was the very next day, not weeks past like you were supposed to think.
I found the discontinuity pretty easy to read around, although it is a bit distracting, which is why I did not give this book an A. The story is fun and interesting, and I definitely recommend this book! Happy reading!


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