Chick Lit Characters

December 21, 2006

Photo by podvinak
Often I find myself hating Chick Lit characters because of their stupidity, but maybe we’re more like them then we think?
How well do you identify with characters in Chick Lit? Do you find yourself overdrawing your bank account for a new pair of shoes? Do you spend your Friday nights drinking, eating chocolate, and thinking you’re just never going to get married? Do you find yourself dating “fuckwits” that everyone around you can see are worthless but you think is the perfect date?

I’m not old enough to worry about my single status, and I manage to control my shopping urges to the money I actually have in my bank account. However, I think I’ve definitely found myself dating some guys that I knew weren’t worth it, and my friends told me over and over again to leave alone, but I just couldn’t. So next time I read about a girl throwing herself at a man who stays in her apartmentrent-free and sleeps with her friends, I should have a little sympathy…


2 Responses to “Chick Lit Characters”

  1. sulz Says:

    you know, i absolutely hated becky bloomwood when i first read the first shopaholic book in the series? somehow she won over me. i hated the bimbotic stuff she does that i know i nor sensible people in their right mind would do.

    maybe part of chick lit characters appeal is that they get to do the stupidest things and read how they get away with it… or not, to hilarious consequences.

    you only know the guys you’ve dated are the wrong ones after, so it isn’t just confined to chick lit; real life is much like that.

  2. lovelyloey Says:

    Nod nod. I get so frustrated reading chick-lit because half the time I’d be screaming “don’t do it you silly!” and get so angry wondering how can anyone so silly occur in real life. Oh well. I agree with Sulz, the appeal is that how they can do stupid things and get away with it. And that happens to be also the “fantasy” component: things like that don’t really happen in real life no matter how much we want them to. LOL.

    And happy holidays!

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