Are you a romantic?

December 23, 2006

Photo by C.P.Storm

What’s your idea of a perfect date? Out at a romantic restaurant? A quiet evening at home? An exciting sporting event? Is your perfect date different depending on whether it’s the first date, or a later date?

Marriage Proposals

December 1, 2006

I was chatting to an old friend recently (who might potentially be reviewing on here soon!) about how romantic/unromantic we are. Somehow we hit on the topic of wedding proposals, and what the best and worst ways to get proposed to are. I like hockey, so if my guy wanted to propose to me I said I thought it might be cool if he got it put up on the display between periods, like in movies. My friend disagreed, saying she wanted to be in a private place.

central parkI decided that the worst thing for me would be a proposal in front of my family. I’m a lot more okay with it being in front of strangers, but I like to tell my family important news in my own time. Plus, I think family members would have lots of opinions about what my answer should be.
I’m not sure what I think the best way is. Definitely not putting the ring in my wine glass or food–that always ends up with someone choking on it! I think maybe walking in the park at night in light snow . . . yes that sounds pretty.

So—what would your ideal/nightmare marriage proposal be? Or if you’re married, how did s/he propose?