Here is a list of author’s I have gathered from various sources. There are many more out there, and the list is a work in progress. If you have a favorite author that you really think should be on this list NOW feel free to contact me. I have put links to authors’ personal webpages when I could find them, otherwise I did not put any link.

Jessica Adams
Cecelia Ahern
Sarah Ball
Stacey Ballis
Susannah Bates
Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Deborah Blumenthal
Alison Bond
Betsy Burke
Meg Cabot
Jennifer Coburn
Jenny Colgan

Yvonne Collins
Claire Cook
Jilly Cooper
Elizabeth Crane
Jennifer Crusie
Lynda Curnyn
Sabine Durrant
Kyra Davis

Chris Dyer
Imogen Edwards-Jones
Helen Fielding
Suzanne Finnamore
Valerie Frankel

Jody Gehrman
F.G. Gerson
Fiona Gibson
Olivia Goldsmith
Laurie Graff

Jane Green
Emily Griffin
Kristin Gore
Kate Harrison
Amanda Hill
Wendy Holden
Lynne Isenberg
Lisa Jewell
Diane Johnson

Donna Kauffman
Marian Keyes

Sophie Kinsella

Deanna Kizis
Mindy Klasky
India Knight
Dorothy Koomson
Harley Jane Kozak

Sherrie Krantz
Alisa Kwitney
Susan Lewis
Whitney Lyles
P.J. MacAllister
Serena Mackesy
Libby Malin

Chris Manby
Jill Mansell
Sue Margolis
Carole Matthews

Anna Maxted
Melanie Murray
Sarah Mlynowski

Melissa Nathan
Clare Naylor
Lee Nichols
Freya North
Tyne O’Connell

Ariella Papa
Adele Parks
Allison Pearson
Carmen Reid
Wendy Roberts
Jackie Rose

Allison Rushby
Sarah Salway

Annie Sanders
Melissa Senate
Laurie Gwen Shapiro
Jane Sigaloff

Curtis Sittenfeld
Jennifer Sturman
Kathleen Tessaro
Gemma Townley
Sarah Tucker
Daisy Waugh
Jennifer Weiner
Lauren Weisberger

Lolly Winston
Laura Wolf
Isabel Wolff
Cathy Yardley

2 Responses to “Chick Lit Authors”

  1. sulz Says:

    what about jilly cooper, jill mansell, lauren weisberger?

    man, there sure are many chick lit authors around…

  2. paperbacks Says:

    There you go, I added them. I’m sure there are hundreds of authors, well known ones too, that I’m missing, keep pointing them out and I’ll work on it myself 🙂
    thanks for the tip!

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